2 Feb 2015

WORK / BTS : Christmas Show 2014 at Changi Airport

Hey all! I am horribly backlogged for all my "WORK / BTS" entries and "SWATCHES" entries!! I had been busy busy busy with work and all my extra activities. I had picked up working out classes, jogging, volunteer work, my pets and a whole lot of other tasks to make the world a better place such as being a hibernating sloth in December. 

Anywho, i shall start with an entry which was from Christmas 2014 show with my fun friends Ishtar Bee events company.
Yearly, we have Christmas dance shows with fairies and elves. This time round it was held at Changi Airport for about 6 days within 2 weeks. 

Meet SugarPlum fairy played by Fannie. 
I did a gradient with glitters look for her.

We also have Drummer Boy, Nutcracker and Elvessss

And many more fun group photos throughout the days at Changi Airport.

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