4 Nov 2014

WORK/BTS : Photography Workshop

Over the weekend, (on top of working during the late noons at Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights), i was also doing beauty makeups for a photography workshop. Barely had 4 hours of sleep per night but i manage to survive the crazy Friday-Sunday.

It was for a guest international photographer Alexey Dovgulya, held over at Solostep Studio. This was one of the photos taken by Elena, featuring beautiful Kate. I did her makeup for this.

Those blue lights are not photoshopped! It was quite fascinating to look at how a couple of studio lights plus tweaking the camera can miraculously produce such a dreamy photo.

We had two other models too. All of them had different types of smokey eyes and nude lips. This is pretty Sonya from Basic Models. Check out her lil dimple!

I will post more final photos from the workshop later on when i receive them. 

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