20 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : Melt Cosmetics Blow

I love matte lipsticks. These days, matte lipsticks are easily available. We have drugstore range such as Wet n Wild to high end range such as Illamasqua, Mac and Nars. They are far more lasting even with eating and drinking.

With that, they tend to be drying as well. When dealing with dry lips, i would apply a layer of lipbalm on client and proceed with her makeup.

When it is time for the lipstick, i will just smooth it in with a lip brush and start adding the lipstick or gloss. I would suggest everyone to have they lips scrubbed lightly first with a soft toothbrush during shower. That will remove any excess product build up and dead cells.

When you apply lipsticks after your scrub and balm routine, it will definitely look flattering. Smooth lips get lesser flakiness which will be very obvious with matte lipsticks.

I ordered Melt Cosmetics lipsticks www.meltcosmetics.com a couple of times already. I have Belladonna, Stupid Love, Shady Lady, Space Cake, Bane, By Starlight and just today, i received Blow.
Their matte lipsticks have a similar texture to the Mac matte range and less drying compared to Illamasqua.

Blow is a beautiful green lipstick which glides on lips effortlessly. Very pigmented, no patchy texture. 

I had to put it on immediately to see how this green will look with my fair but quite yellow skintone.

I was also very excited to match Atomic Led lipgloss from Make Up Store with Blow. They both make such a beautiful combination! 
I am just waiting for Melt Cosmetics to release some other awesome shades of lipstick. That would be exciting.

Shiny green lips for Christmas!

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