25 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : The Balm Cosmetics 'How Bout Them Apples'

This is definitely the cutest palette in my kit. I had been eyeing The Balm Cosmetics products. Their packaging are real cute and products are decently made.

The only turn off is how high Sasa marked up the prices. Sasa (an asian makeup shop in Singapore and a few other branches elswhere) is the only shop which sells The Balm products.

Guess what, now The Balm can be found on www.asos.com! Free shipping and sometimes coupon codes work too for the beauty items. Yay! I had to get my paws on it.

Cream blushers are generally more lasting especially if you are out for long hours. I do like cream blushes when i want a girly "flushed" cheeks look. Just dab with your fingertip and pat on the cheeks. Set with translucent powder if you want a matte look. Else it will have a dewy finish.

It comes in a cute book-like with a mirror and a palette of six colours. They can function as lips or cheeks colours.

Crisp is the only colour with some shimmer in it. Veryyyyy pretty!

Great pigmentations which you can blend out and build up.

I am really happy with this palette. For a change, it is real nice to get a blush palette rather than the usual eyeshadow palettes. My lucky bride this weekend will be the first client to use this baby 😆

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