21 Oct 2014

WORK/BTS : Heineken Transporter theme Party

My favourite type of make up work definitely revolves around events!
This time, i had to source and coordinate a big team of 14 talented makeup artists/hairstylists plus materials according to client's mood board. The event was successful and here are some behind the scenes pictures.

Here we have the entrance logo. Hard to miss!
A trial of the make up for client's approval. Hair was done by Ryn.

The big team at work. Very independent and easy to work with! We have Charmaine, Venice, Dolly, Dyla, Nizam, Shirley, Genie, Nisa, Sally, Hidayah, Francisco, Mia and Ryn working on their models.

Two of the models all dressed up and ready.

The models doing their thing through the night.

We had also two aerialists who performed such an awesome set! There is no photos of the hair and makeup because it was darkkkk. 

Here is a short video of the aerialists, Adelene and her friend doing their satin routine.

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