28 Oct 2014

WORK/ BTS : Safra Yishun Fright Night

Last weekend, i just completed yet another Halloween related event for Safra. This was for family recreational purposes over at Safra Yishun.
They were doing a haunted house thing which look pretty creepy on its own. The theme was a spooky hospital. All the staffs wore medical uniform. I had to get the makeup done and costumes dirtied

With the assistance from Francisco, Dian and Nisa, we managed to do the entire team of about 15 pax within three hours.

I personally focus on the main scare character. Client requested for a zipper face makeup for the main character.
I did it within half hour as i already premade the wound pieces at home. For events, i always believe in prep work to avoid wasting time. 

I have two other club clients for this weekend's Halloween. My team will take care of it. I am just chilling over at Halloween Horror Night 4. THAT, i will do another entry once it is overrrr. Last show is on 1st November, like finally!

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