20 Oct 2014

SWATCHES : Sephora Outrageous Rouge and Kiss Me Lipbalm

I just popped by Sephora two weeks ago and picked up two lip products. Sephora just released a new line of lipstick called Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick. I was browsing through and picked shade 05. Gorgeousssss red. 

I cannot say i love the texture of the Outrageous Rouge though. The colour is awesome but the texture is just weird. It dries off glossy and do not budge when you rubbed against anything. 

HOWEVER, when your lips touched each other, either top or bottom lip colour will transfer over the other leaving an empty patch. VERY STRANGE. I had a hard time removing it off my lips too. I will give it another go when i have time. Currently, veryyy busy juggling multiple makeup assignments to even have time to selfie  -__-

I also had to get that cute newly released Kiss Me lipbalm in Soda Pop. It smells heavenly. I had been using it daily underneath all my matte lip colours. Love it.

Definitely will update when i get time to wear that Outrageous Rouge and make it workkkkkk. Too beautiful for me to abandon, yet!

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