20 Sep 2014

WORK/BTS : Calavera Catrina (Sugar Skull)

Recently, I did one of my favourite shoots everrrrr. I have always been a great fan of Day of the Dead and everything about it. This culture of honouring their ancestors in Mexico is a colourful event with decorations, food, costumes and makeup. Definitely a dream theme for me.

It is also a yearly thing to a dark shoot for Halloween with Elena owner, of www.solostepstudio.com. We get organised and get down to it. Hair works are by Francisco. He did a wonderful job with the hair pieces. Our patient model, Violetta from The Nu Management did not even have to get her hair teased crazily. I made some skeleton hand clips, stole roses from my mum, dig out my wardrobe for a witchy longggggg dress and of course brought along my makeup kit.

This was taken right after I facepainted her face and Francisco was working with her hair.

This is taken off Chris' ipad. Unedited of course!

Anddddd the final result! 
Photography / processing by : Elena of Solostep Studio

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