25 Sep 2014

SWATCHES : MAKEUP STORE Microshadows / Blushers

Hey all, i have some swatches to share for blushers and eyeshadows i bought from Makeup Store. I had no intention to buy anything when i stepped in. It was more of a looking for one particular item which went wrong. They are having a promotion of buy one get one free for some items.

I loveeeeeeee their eyeshadows and blushes. It has a velvety finish especially for the matte ones. For $27 per eyeshadow, it is a steal. I have a lot of neutrals which i use on my clients.
I browsed through and here are the unnecessary damages :)

Here are some swatches of my new eyeshadows and blushers. They have nice texture and payoff even without any base. Such a great buy!
I have Cultural, GoldFushion, Holiday and Flower.

Today i also went out for lunch and picked some items i ordered with Rezani. I am veryyyy excited about my third Skin Illustrator palette in Necromania.
I will do a separate entry about this product. Goodnight!


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