25 Sep 2014

Skin Illustrator Palette in NECROMANIA

Hey all, i am exciteddd to show you my third Skin Illustrator palette. Skin Illustrator palettes are 99% alcohol activated special effects palette.
This item is a staple for special effects makeup for filming or events.

Unlike cream-based makeup which will "melt" with perspiration, this baby does not. I was introduced to it two years back when i attended a special effects workshop by David Willis (Studio Vida). This is one of my go-to item in my special effects kit.
However, it also needs a special removal solution or at least the same 99% alcohol to get it off skin. It is very complicated plus expensive to import in alcohol based products into Singapore.
Not a very popular item here because of the cost and difficulty to get but still a favourite of mine. It has a water colour feel to it and especially nice for a realistic veins etc once you master the technique.

Here is a sample of a drawing i did on myself using this product. I wanted to create a 3D feel to a painted design. I can see this as part of a broken puppet makeup.

Here is an old wound special effects makeup i did too, using this for most of the colouring. This was latex, tissue, fleet street scabbing blood, rmg palette and of course, the Skin Illustrator as well.

Hope my brief explaination helps in understanding one of the most common Special Effects product out there :)
I did another sfx look last year using similar products . Check it : Ripped Lips

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