25 Sep 2014

WORK/BTS : Bridal Look Book

Yesterday, i was over at Solostep Studio to work on a bridal shoot. Elena was going to do some prints with them for promo materials.
The best part was having 300 balloons on set! I never work with that many balloons before and they looked like jellyfishes 😃

All makeup by me and hairstyling by Francisco. These are unedited. Our beautiful models are from The Nu Management. They are such an easy-going bunch of talents to work with all the time!

Pretty excited to see the retouched photos by Elena. I will post them over on my page:

Skin Illustrator Palette in NECROMANIA

Hey all, i am exciteddd to show you my third Skin Illustrator palette. Skin Illustrator palettes are 99% alcohol activated special effects palette.
This item is a staple for special effects makeup for filming or events.

Unlike cream-based makeup which will "melt" with perspiration, this baby does not. I was introduced to it two years back when i attended a special effects workshop by David Willis (Studio Vida). This is one of my go-to item in my special effects kit.
However, it also needs a special removal solution or at least the same 99% alcohol to get it off skin. It is very complicated plus expensive to import in alcohol based products into Singapore.
Not a very popular item here because of the cost and difficulty to get but still a favourite of mine. It has a water colour feel to it and especially nice for a realistic veins etc once you master the technique.

Here is a sample of a drawing i did on myself using this product. I wanted to create a 3D feel to a painted design. I can see this as part of a broken puppet makeup.

Here is an old wound special effects makeup i did too, using this for most of the colouring. This was latex, tissue, fleet street scabbing blood, rmg palette and of course, the Skin Illustrator as well.

Hope my brief explaination helps in understanding one of the most common Special Effects product out there :)
I did another sfx look last year using similar products . Check it : Ripped Lips

SWATCHES : MAKEUP STORE Microshadows / Blushers

Hey all, i have some swatches to share for blushers and eyeshadows i bought from Makeup Store. I had no intention to buy anything when i stepped in. It was more of a looking for one particular item which went wrong. They are having a promotion of buy one get one free for some items.

I loveeeeeeee their eyeshadows and blushes. It has a velvety finish especially for the matte ones. For $27 per eyeshadow, it is a steal. I have a lot of neutrals which i use on my clients.
I browsed through and here are the unnecessary damages :)

Here are some swatches of my new eyeshadows and blushers. They have nice texture and payoff even without any base. Such a great buy!
I have Cultural, GoldFushion, Holiday and Flower.

Today i also went out for lunch and picked some items i ordered with Rezani. I am veryyyy excited about my third Skin Illustrator palette in Necromania.
I will do a separate entry about this product. Goodnight!


20 Sep 2014

WORK/BTS : Calavera Catrina (Sugar Skull)

Recently, I did one of my favourite shoots everrrrr. I have always been a great fan of Day of the Dead and everything about it. This culture of honouring their ancestors in Mexico is a colourful event with decorations, food, costumes and makeup. Definitely a dream theme for me.

It is also a yearly thing to a dark shoot for Halloween with Elena owner, of www.solostepstudio.com. We get organised and get down to it. Hair works are by Francisco. He did a wonderful job with the hair pieces. Our patient model, Violetta from The Nu Management did not even have to get her hair teased crazily. I made some skeleton hand clips, stole roses from my mum, dig out my wardrobe for a witchy longggggg dress and of course brought along my makeup kit.

This was taken right after I facepainted her face and Francisco was working with her hair.

This is taken off Chris' ipad. Unedited of course!

Anddddd the final result! 
Photography / processing by : Elena of Solostep Studio

19 Sep 2014

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection

I have been eyeing these brushes since I saw it online last year. I love duo fiber brushes for liquid foundations or even loose powder application. Duo fiber brushes are made of taklon or other synthetic material.  It does not absorb as much product like a fur brush or kabuki brushes. 
Often, i will blend foundation and concealor by using a duo fiber. I have 5 of them in my kit. Three more is even better!

Comparing to the MAC or Sigma duo fiber brushes, these are less dense and has an oval barrel. There are three sizes : For face, contour and eyelids. 

I will use the face brush for powders rather than liquid foundations. It is flatter and I doubt it can be used in a buffing motion. 

The contour brush is a good size and density for a natural looking blush, highlight or deepening the cheekbones. 

Lastly is the eyelid brush, again, for subtle deepening of the eye socket. The size is also great for highlights in the inner corner or brow bone.

This set retails about $39.90 onwards. You can get them at selected Guardian outlets or www.luxola.com

Hope this helps! I definitely need to wash them first before usage. It has a plastic-ky smell probably because of the packaging. Happy weekend :)