16 Dec 2014

SWATCHES : Topshop Lip Bullet/Varnish and Velvet Lips

Hey all! I had been tied up with assignments and that explained the lack of posts. I have quite a few pending behind-the-scenes/work entries to do. I shall hope to blog them before the weekends.

On the 13th and 14th December, Topshop was having a 30% storewide sale. I decided to check their makeup range out.
I already had a lip pencil thing from them ages ago which i loved. A great friend, Tasha, rekindled my love for Topshop lip products when she showed me her stash. I had to grab a few items!

I bought 5 various lip colours. Lip Bullet, Matte Lip Bullet, Lip Varnish and Velvet Lips. All of their lip products are pigmented. I do not like glosses but that purple Lip Varnish is calling out to me!

Wine Gum Lip Bullet : Burgundy with a sheen, very pigmented and easy to apply

Motel Lip Bullet : Dark nude colour, smooth and pigmented as Wine Gum

Get Me Bodied Matte Lip Bullet : Matte finish, purplish red colour. Pigmented and not drying like most matte lipsticks

Blood Orange Velvet Lip : Very matte finish and pigmented liquid lipstick. Hard to remove and advisable to apply balm before wearing

High Times Lip Varnish : A beautiful creamy liquid lipstick with a glossy finish. Highly pigmented and the texture reminded me of Too Face Melted lipstick range

They range from $19.90 to $23.90 and are available at Topshop Knightsbridge and Ion. Very beautiful underrated lip products so please get them! 

26 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : NYX Butter Lipsticks Trio in Bombshell

At times, i like to pop by Sephora for a lipstick treat on dieting days. It makes me feel just as good as eating a chocolate mousse cake.

Recently, i pop by Sephora to check on the Christmas collections. There were so many nice and cute makeup gifts from $10 onwards.
I was also craving for lipsticks. Soooo i pick this up. I had been curious about the texture of these babies.

Very creamy and pigmented. Nyx always make nice reasonably priced makeup. I love it. They are $20 or a lil more than that.

I had been wearing the red one underneath my matte lipsticks to keep off the dryness. Works well! Get it before they are all gone.

25 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : The Balm Cosmetics 'How Bout Them Apples'

This is definitely the cutest palette in my kit. I had been eyeing The Balm Cosmetics products. Their packaging are real cute and products are decently made.

The only turn off is how high Sasa marked up the prices. Sasa (an asian makeup shop in Singapore and a few other branches elswhere) is the only shop which sells The Balm products.

Guess what, now The Balm can be found on www.asos.com! Free shipping and sometimes coupon codes work too for the beauty items. Yay! I had to get my paws on it.

Cream blushers are generally more lasting especially if you are out for long hours. I do like cream blushes when i want a girly "flushed" cheeks look. Just dab with your fingertip and pat on the cheeks. Set with translucent powder if you want a matte look. Else it will have a dewy finish.

It comes in a cute book-like with a mirror and a palette of six colours. They can function as lips or cheeks colours.

Crisp is the only colour with some shimmer in it. Veryyyyy pretty!

Great pigmentations which you can blend out and build up.

I am really happy with this palette. For a change, it is real nice to get a blush palette rather than the usual eyeshadow palettes. My lucky bride this weekend will be the first client to use this baby 😆

WORK / BTS : Bridal Editorial

Last week, we had an editorial shoot at Solostep Studio for an upcoming bridal magazine. I cannot mention full details here as the magazine will be released only in Jan 2015.

Hair is done by Sharon Siu. Sofya has waist length beautiful healthy dark blonde hair. Sharon did a great job with the curling and the braids. It adds a lil edge to a normal hair updo. I loveeee it.

The top part of the bun will be hidden with a huge veil. 

I am looking forward to the full page image of the bridal shoot. I will post again the magazine page when the time come 😊

20 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : Melt Cosmetics Blow

I love matte lipsticks. These days, matte lipsticks are easily available. We have drugstore range such as Wet n Wild to high end range such as Illamasqua, Mac and Nars. They are far more lasting even with eating and drinking.

With that, they tend to be drying as well. When dealing with dry lips, i would apply a layer of lipbalm on client and proceed with her makeup.

When it is time for the lipstick, i will just smooth it in with a lip brush and start adding the lipstick or gloss. I would suggest everyone to have they lips scrubbed lightly first with a soft toothbrush during shower. That will remove any excess product build up and dead cells.

When you apply lipsticks after your scrub and balm routine, it will definitely look flattering. Smooth lips get lesser flakiness which will be very obvious with matte lipsticks.

I ordered Melt Cosmetics lipsticks www.meltcosmetics.com a couple of times already. I have Belladonna, Stupid Love, Shady Lady, Space Cake, Bane, By Starlight and just today, i received Blow.
Their matte lipsticks have a similar texture to the Mac matte range and less drying compared to Illamasqua.

Blow is a beautiful green lipstick which glides on lips effortlessly. Very pigmented, no patchy texture. 

I had to put it on immediately to see how this green will look with my fair but quite yellow skintone.

I was also very excited to match Atomic Led lipgloss from Make Up Store with Blow. They both make such a beautiful combination! 
I am just waiting for Melt Cosmetics to release some other awesome shades of lipstick. That would be exciting.

Shiny green lips for Christmas!

18 Nov 2014

WORK / BTS : Outdoor Shoot for Tv Show

Another assigment completed for an upcoming tv show. We were shooting outdoors and the weather was hardly kind to us throughoutttt.

The only indoor scene we did.

And heyyyyy, candid photo of me while i watched on the team at work.

and another. Heh.

Nothing extra interesting about this assignment. All i had to do was make the participants look decent on camera. Easy peasy.

4 Nov 2014

WORK/BTS : Photography Workshop

Over the weekend, (on top of working during the late noons at Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights), i was also doing beauty makeups for a photography workshop. Barely had 4 hours of sleep per night but i manage to survive the crazy Friday-Sunday.

It was for a guest international photographer Alexey Dovgulya, held over at Solostep Studio. This was one of the photos taken by Elena, featuring beautiful Kate. I did her makeup for this.

Those blue lights are not photoshopped! It was quite fascinating to look at how a couple of studio lights plus tweaking the camera can miraculously produce such a dreamy photo.

We had two other models too. All of them had different types of smokey eyes and nude lips. This is pretty Sonya from Basic Models. Check out her lil dimple!

I will post more final photos from the workshop later on when i receive them. 

MOTD : Illamasqua Vampette!

This is currently my favourite colour. The texture is soooo comfortable on my lips.
Of course, i was working for Halloween and i had no time to dress up.
Everyday is Halloween anyway.

I paired it with my simple neutral eyeshadow and eyeliner. It is easy to rock any lipcolours with neutral eyes. 

Oh and check out my bones hair scrunchy thingy paired with a H&M flower. It was bought at a gift shop which has Halloween decors. I am alwaysss picking up quirky decors and making them into accessories.

30 Oct 2014

SWATCHES : Illamasqua Vampette, Rude and Fusion

I have not been to the Illamasqua counter at Heeren's Robinsons for a while. I decided to pop by and say hello to Selena. As always, browsing leads to buying :)

This lipstick caught my eye. It is a deep brown with burgundy red undertones. It looks brown on its own but when swatches, it looks like scabbed blood.

Very very vampy and true enough, its name is Vampette. Vampette is in the Glamore range of lipsticks from Illamasqua. This rage is semi-matte and smooth.
With its creamy matte texture, Vampette is stunning when swatches.

I also got the cream blusher in Rude. Rude is a wearable peachy coral colour which will work best on the apply of the cheeks. The cream blusher will give a dewy natural finish. 
You can use product under or over foundation, to your preferences. I usually apply using my fingertips. Dab a lil and swirl and pat on the cheeks. Cream blusher is longer lasting. 

Lastly, i have my first Illamasqua nail polish in Fusion. It is a bronze colour with sparkles. It looks quite unusual and i like it a lot.

Illamasqua have a couple of pretty items from the latest "Once" Collection too. Drop by to check them out especially the lipsticks. 

28 Oct 2014

WORK/ BTS : Safra Yishun Fright Night

Last weekend, i just completed yet another Halloween related event for Safra. This was for family recreational purposes over at Safra Yishun.
They were doing a haunted house thing which look pretty creepy on its own. The theme was a spooky hospital. All the staffs wore medical uniform. I had to get the makeup done and costumes dirtied

With the assistance from Francisco, Dian and Nisa, we managed to do the entire team of about 15 pax within three hours.

I personally focus on the main scare character. Client requested for a zipper face makeup for the main character.
I did it within half hour as i already premade the wound pieces at home. For events, i always believe in prep work to avoid wasting time. 

I have two other club clients for this weekend's Halloween. My team will take care of it. I am just chilling over at Halloween Horror Night 4. THAT, i will do another entry once it is overrrr. Last show is on 1st November, like finally!

21 Oct 2014

WORK/BTS : Heineken Transporter theme Party

My favourite type of make up work definitely revolves around events!
This time, i had to source and coordinate a big team of 14 talented makeup artists/hairstylists plus materials according to client's mood board. The event was successful and here are some behind the scenes pictures.

Here we have the entrance logo. Hard to miss!
A trial of the make up for client's approval. Hair was done by Ryn.

The big team at work. Very independent and easy to work with! We have Charmaine, Venice, Dolly, Dyla, Nizam, Shirley, Genie, Nisa, Sally, Hidayah, Francisco, Mia and Ryn working on their models.

Two of the models all dressed up and ready.

The models doing their thing through the night.

We had also two aerialists who performed such an awesome set! There is no photos of the hair and makeup because it was darkkkk. 

Here is a short video of the aerialists, Adelene and her friend doing their satin routine.

20 Oct 2014

Stila's Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette

I have almost zero self control for neutral matte palettes! Stila does them great too!
Their "In the Know" palette becomes a staple in my makeup kit for clients. That is a smaller palette with 10 matte eyeshadows

This beauty comes in a pretty box and golden reflective plastic case. Very classy looking compared to their normal cardboard style packaging.

There are three types in this series. This is the only one with all matte shades. All the eyeshadows are velvety and pigmented.

I will add on swatches later tonight. So much loveeeeee for the versatile colour scheme in it. 

SWATCHES : Inglot Eyeshadows and Pigment

Finallyyyyy, i had time to pop by Inglot Singapore. It is located at B1 of Wisma Atria. It is a quaint shop packed with goodies. Please feel free to let your eyes dart everywhere when you are there!

I was being modest and took a quad palette only. If you don't already know it, Inglot is famous for its Freedom System. Pick whichever individual pan of whichever product and assemble your own palette. Here are the colours i took.

I have a loveeeee for copper/maroonish tone on my eyes. I kept buying similar shades too from Make Up Store. I find warm shades are easiest to pull off even on my laziest days.

The textures are fantastic! I took 3 different textures just to sample how they are like when worn. I did not have fall outs or patchyness. These swatches are done without any base. You can see how amazingly velvety they are. 

I also picked up this pigment eyeshadow. FREAKING SHIMMERY 😍
I can't wait to wear this beauty. It is a very flattering shimmer shade for all skin tones. I wanttttt so much more from this amazing range!

I am very impressed with the quality of these babies. Definitely, i will be dropping by for another fix super soon 💜

SWATCHES : Sephora Outrageous Rouge and Kiss Me Lipbalm

I just popped by Sephora two weeks ago and picked up two lip products. Sephora just released a new line of lipstick called Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick. I was browsing through and picked shade 05. Gorgeousssss red. 

I cannot say i love the texture of the Outrageous Rouge though. The colour is awesome but the texture is just weird. It dries off glossy and do not budge when you rubbed against anything. 

HOWEVER, when your lips touched each other, either top or bottom lip colour will transfer over the other leaving an empty patch. VERY STRANGE. I had a hard time removing it off my lips too. I will give it another go when i have time. Currently, veryyy busy juggling multiple makeup assignments to even have time to selfie  -__-

I also had to get that cute newly released Kiss Me lipbalm in Soda Pop. It smells heavenly. I had been using it daily underneath all my matte lip colours. Love it.

Definitely will update when i get time to wear that Outrageous Rouge and make it workkkkkk. Too beautiful for me to abandon, yet!