25 Dec 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines/Chinadoll Palette plus the new Pink Velvet.

Hey all!
I just received my beautiful package from Limecrime makeup. Lime Crime is a brand which was not in my radar therefore took me some time to get their products.
I am not one who collects makeup from every indie brands so it wasn't much of a miss for me to not have Lime Crime in my kit.
Recently I read about their range of lipstick products called Velvetines. It is a liquid lipstick which supposed to dry down to a matte velvet finish. I like matte lipsticks so I decided to give it a go during the Black Friday sale.
I am pleasantly surprised :)
I got all three Velvetines : Pink Velvet, Red Velvet and Suede Berry.
Pink Velvet is a beautiful magenta/hot pink.
Suede Berry is a happy and bright coral.
Red Velvet is a classic deep apple red.
Their textures are fantastic and did dry down to a matte finish which does not transfer onto anything.. unlike any matte lipsticks I have.
It has a sweet vanilla scent. What bothered me was the removal because I will need a makeup remover for it. That's how effective its staying power is.
I also bought the China Doll palette to compare the red eyeshadow Fly Dragon Fly to SugarPill Love + red eyeshadow. The Lime Crime palette eyeshadows are far more softer in texture, which means they are milled finer and richer in pigment.
It usually took two to three dap of Love + to get a matt red but with Fly Dragon Fly, effortless sweep of colour will produce a solid red. The rest are just as pigmented and the simple swatches below are not done with any base.
I am very much pleased with my first purchase from Lime Crime. I don't understand what all the ruckus and bias opinions are about.
My advice is to ignore them and just go ahead with at least owning a Velvetine. If you're a lipstick lover like me, I assure you that it will make you happy :)

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