13 Feb 2013

Swatches : Makeup Store Eyeshadows

Currently, i am loading up on neutral eyeshadows. I love matt shadows and i find all the neutral eyeshadow palettes seem to be insufficient for my needs.
I have Sleek Neutral palette, Illamasqua Neutral palette, Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. I used up the off white most soooooo when i need those most.

Reasons on why i chose Make Up Store eyeshadows are because :
Value - $27 for 3.5gram of product, similar price to Mac but more product.
Texture - Crazy smooth matt textures which is not gritty at all even to the last bits at the bottom of the pans.
Choices -  A huge choice of neutral matt shades, you probably need only two or three eyeshadows to last you a long time.

So far my lil neutral Microshadow collection includes:
Vanilla - matt off white for brow bone
Saga - matt pinkish taupe
Sultan - matt taupe with slight sparkles Kakaw - matt rich dark brown which i am gonna use for filling up brows
Under the Sun - matt pastel orange
Meteor (cybershadow range) - perfect off white shimmer brow bone highlight for evening look.
Eventually, i am looking into purchasing the palette to put the babies in it, heh.

Below are the pictures and swatches.
If you have yet to check them out, you should. I was always irritated by the super pushy sales persons back then.
If you are like me, prefer to shop quietly, avoid the branch in Raffles City and go to the 313 Somerset branch instead :)

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