29 Jan 2013

HOW TO : Turn Occ Liptar into Liptick

Hey all!

I was just finding more ways to utilise my lip tars. I was quite tempted to buy more lipsticks but decided not to because i have 11 liptars which need more loving. They are real pretty when it comes to colour but i honestly dislike the texture. It is a tad too "slippery" for my style.
I prefer a creamy yet modern or super matte texture for my lips.
Something like Nyx Matte lipsticks or Illamasqua lipsticks. Those are my daily to go for my lipsticks anyway.

Therefore, i decided to try melting a lipbalm and mixing them up to tweak the liptar texture. It works! Here's how i did it :

You'll need :
- lip tars of your choice ( i'm using Pretty Boy and Feather )
- any lip balm
- spatulas
- small saucepan
- small container for melting the balm
- 99% alcohol ( to sterilise spatulas/containers )
- small container for final product

Boil water in saucepan. Chop up 3/4 of the lip balm into the small container using the spatula. Add about 10 drops of liptar. I used about 6 drops of Pretty Boy and 4 drops of Feather.

Put the container of the mixture on the hot water. Turn off the stove. Carefully chop and stir the mixture. It will totally melt after about 3 minutes.

Quickly pour into small container for your final product and pop it in the fridge for about 5 minutes. It will start to solidify as it cools, even while you are pouring. It is okay, just scoop it out with your spatula.

Your lipstick using lip tar is done within 15 minutes. It will be more awesome if you have a lipstick mould.

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if you tried it out.

I am sure to be making wayyyyy more whenever i get the urge for a new lipstick. Have fun and don't burn your fingers :)

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