19 Jan 2013

HOW TO: Cut Crease Eyeshadow ♥

Hey all! Here's a visual guide on how to do cut crease eyeshadow technique on asian/ oriental eyes. Most i've seen online feature models with deep crease. That is wayyyyy easier because the template is there and all it takes is some right color placement.

For oriental eyelids like mine (maybe yours too), it requires a bit of work in locating the right place to create the "deep cut crease". If the "cut" is not done at the right place, the cut crease will be goneeeeeee when you open up your eyes.

TIP : To get the placement, look straight into the mirror and put a lil mark using a khol pencil about 5mm above from the lashline in the center.

You will need :
- Brown khol pencil
- Black, brown, white, shimmer offwhite eyeshadows
( I used Tako and Bulletproof from Sugarpill Cosmetics and Sleek/Sephora palettes )
- Eyeshadow primer ( I used Nyx Milk )
- Liquid eyeline ( or gel liner but i'm using liquid )
- Mascara
- Eyeshadow brush, blending brush, flat brush and a medium tip brush
- Occ liptar in Vintage

Draw a cut crease line from the outer corner of the eye, 3/4 through the length of your eyelid. The highest point is the 5mm marking which i mentioned previously.

Fill in the eyelid area with Nyx Milk. I used a flat brush for precision.

Pat white eyeshadow on the eyelid area. Make sure it is even. Start from the inner/outer corner and working gradually. The center part must NOT be patchy else it will look bad.

With a medium tip brush, apply brown eyeshadow on top of the khol pencil line.
Use an eyeshadow brush and "pull" the brown eyeshadow towards the brow.
Darken the crease line with black eyeshadow and smudge the outer corner plus midway of the lower lashline.
Highlight the brow bone using the offwhite shimmer eyeshadow and blend the brown with it.

Lastly, line your lashline, add mascara, add false lashes and you are ready to bat those eyelids :)
I used Occ liptar in Vintage to go with the eyeshadows. To make it ultra glossy, i mixed a drop of Vintage with a clear gloss and applied with a lip brush.

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Happy rainy Sunday ya'll :)

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