25 Dec 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines/Chinadoll Palette plus the new Pink Velvet.

Hey all!
I just received my beautiful package from Limecrime makeup. Lime Crime is a brand which was not in my radar therefore took me some time to get their products.
I am not one who collects makeup from every indie brands so it wasn't much of a miss for me to not have Lime Crime in my kit.
Recently I read about their range of lipstick products called Velvetines. It is a liquid lipstick which supposed to dry down to a matte velvet finish. I like matte lipsticks so I decided to give it a go during the Black Friday sale.
I am pleasantly surprised :)
I got all three Velvetines : Pink Velvet, Red Velvet and Suede Berry.
Pink Velvet is a beautiful magenta/hot pink.
Suede Berry is a happy and bright coral.
Red Velvet is a classic deep apple red.
Their textures are fantastic and did dry down to a matte finish which does not transfer onto anything.. unlike any matte lipsticks I have.
It has a sweet vanilla scent. What bothered me was the removal because I will need a makeup remover for it. That's how effective its staying power is.
I also bought the China Doll palette to compare the red eyeshadow Fly Dragon Fly to SugarPill Love + red eyeshadow. The Lime Crime palette eyeshadows are far more softer in texture, which means they are milled finer and richer in pigment.
It usually took two to three dap of Love + to get a matt red but with Fly Dragon Fly, effortless sweep of colour will produce a solid red. The rest are just as pigmented and the simple swatches below are not done with any base.
I am very much pleased with my first purchase from Lime Crime. I don't understand what all the ruckus and bias opinions are about.
My advice is to ignore them and just go ahead with at least owning a Velvetine. If you're a lipstick lover like me, I assure you that it will make you happy :)

9 Oct 2013

Ripped lip.

I just finished doing an upper lip ripped look. Quite unsure about how real it looks but oh wells.
My first attempt in making a silicone piece, stuck on my lip with prosaide and coloured with pax paint/fx pallette.

25 Sep 2013

Lakme Absolute Make Up Products

Hey all!
Recently, i acquired a range of Lakme products thanks to a makeup assignment. I was supposed to do some clients up only using their range of makeup. I received a big bag of products ranging from eyeliner to foundation. I took several hours testing and playing with them to get a hold of how they work. Along the way, here are my thoughts for their stuffs.

You can check out http://www.lakmeindia.com/lakme-absolute to see beautiful Kareena Kapoor modelling for them on their site. Lakme products can be bought in Mustafa Center. I have no idea what their price range is like though.

Let me start with my favourites first!


These lipsticks are matte. They are drying just like any other matte lipsticks so a lipbalm will fix easily. Most of the colours i received are berries/brown tones. The swatches are above and most colours are well pigmented.

I wore Milan Red today. It goes really well with copper eyeshadows for an Autumn look. My favourites are Merlot, Expresson and Milan Red. I like the browns in this range as i do not really see any browns in drugstores makeup range.


 There are two sides for the highlighter palette. One side is a pinkish gold tone and the other side is a medium bronze tone. This would work great on all skin colours. As you can see from the swatch, the product is pigmented enough to even be used as eyeshadows. i would advise to use this with a real fluffy face brush to avoid overdoing the shine on the t-zone and cheeks.


Love it! This is a beautiful bronzer which is comparable to my beloved MAC Mineralised Skin Finish. The bronzer goes on smoothly and the colours are perfect for my light medium skin tone. I can blend this easily using my blusher brush.


The difference between this and the bronzer is, this is more sheer. It is not meant to be heavily pigmented but the colour does show itself. It will create glowy healthy flush on cheeks for a daytime makeup look.


This concealer is in a convenient tube for easy application. It contains spf 20 for sun protection and that is definitely a plus for the product. The texture is creamy, will blend out well. However, its coverage will range from light to medium. I am quite doubtful of its ability to hide serious dark circles or blemishes. I also used it as an eyeshadow base since Lakme do not have eyeshadow base for me to use for my assignment.


This is an awesome product for smokey eyes and lining the waterline. I was firstly impressed with how it looks. It is a sleek black pencil with a sharpener cap and a rubber smudger on the other end. I have seen plenty of lines which make such pencils with a built in smudger but even Urban Decay did a flimsy job at it. The smudger is a sturdy angled tip rubber and it does its job, i smudged harsh lines by going over it in tiny circular motion. The line did not budge after it sets. Fantastic item and i will buy more!


This is a 6 in 1 lipstick travel palette. I love the size of the palette and the sturdyness of the case itself. It contains 6 pretty daily wear colours. The creamy texture of the lipsticks are pleasant to work with. It comes with a tiny double sided brush, which is still usable when you missed out your lip brush.

I will continue this with the rest of the least favourite product in detail. Just so you know, i did not like any of these items because they fail to do what they claim or do not seem to work so well.

NONE of them is waterproof!!
- Flutter Secrets Voluminising Waterproof Mascara
- Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Waterproof Mascara
- Precision Liquid Liner
I really find it annoying when even the basic claim fail. Seriously, ALL brands should have some integrity in their marketing.

- Matt Real Skin Natural Mousse
It gives a matte finish but, i will explain the rest in the next post.

- Eye Chromatic Baked Eyeshadows
Not pigmented at all.

- White Intese Wet n Dry Compact
Do not bother buying. It is almost like a translucent powder compact.

See you soon and hope this long entry helps in your shopping!

24 Sep 2013

HOW TO : Neutral Eyes

Hey all, I haven't touch this baby for months. I figured since I already have this collage up on my facebook page : www.facebook.com/makeupmakeout, I'll repost it here for those who don't go that way.

Here it goes :

Easy peasy everyday eyeshadow steps!
- Apply eyeshadow base and pat on a neutral eyeshadow colour, or any colours if you're feeling creative
- Apply a brown eyeshadow on the crease to deepen the eye 
- Apply an off white eyeshadow on the brow bone as highlight
- Blend the crease with the highlight using a fluffy blending brush
- Draw a winged cat liner both at the end and at the tear duct. That will elongate the eye shape
- Draw a line along the lower lashline in brown or burgundy, which is wayyyy less harsh than drawing in black
- Add your mascara to both top and bottom lashes and done!

I used makeupstore microshadows in Saga, Viva and Vanilla. Lipstick is Occ liptar in Pretty Boy.

Hastag #makeupmakeout on IG if you'd like me to see your recreation!

11 Jul 2013

Oh hi.

I admit, i have been lazy. Lazy to write in here but been out and about with a million and one things!
Been juggling work, makeup, more makeup and more accessories makings for my Bonita Bonette. I need to seriously get my online shop done and that means even lesser time here. Oh wells, there is always my facebook or instagram if anybody wanna know what's up. Blogging is just not within my time frame.

13 Feb 2013

Swatches : Makeup Store Eyeshadows

Currently, i am loading up on neutral eyeshadows. I love matt shadows and i find all the neutral eyeshadow palettes seem to be insufficient for my needs.
I have Sleek Neutral palette, Illamasqua Neutral palette, Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. I used up the off white most soooooo when i need those most.

Reasons on why i chose Make Up Store eyeshadows are because :
Value - $27 for 3.5gram of product, similar price to Mac but more product.
Texture - Crazy smooth matt textures which is not gritty at all even to the last bits at the bottom of the pans.
Choices -  A huge choice of neutral matt shades, you probably need only two or three eyeshadows to last you a long time.

So far my lil neutral Microshadow collection includes:
Vanilla - matt off white for brow bone
Saga - matt pinkish taupe
Sultan - matt taupe with slight sparkles Kakaw - matt rich dark brown which i am gonna use for filling up brows
Under the Sun - matt pastel orange
Meteor (cybershadow range) - perfect off white shimmer brow bone highlight for evening look.
Eventually, i am looking into purchasing the palette to put the babies in it, heh.

Below are the pictures and swatches.
If you have yet to check them out, you should. I was always irritated by the super pushy sales persons back then.
If you are like me, prefer to shop quietly, avoid the branch in Raffles City and go to the 313 Somerset branch instead :)

29 Jan 2013

HOW TO : Turn Occ Liptar into Liptick

Hey all!

I was just finding more ways to utilise my lip tars. I was quite tempted to buy more lipsticks but decided not to because i have 11 liptars which need more loving. They are real pretty when it comes to colour but i honestly dislike the texture. It is a tad too "slippery" for my style.
I prefer a creamy yet modern or super matte texture for my lips.
Something like Nyx Matte lipsticks or Illamasqua lipsticks. Those are my daily to go for my lipsticks anyway.

Therefore, i decided to try melting a lipbalm and mixing them up to tweak the liptar texture. It works! Here's how i did it :

You'll need :
- lip tars of your choice ( i'm using Pretty Boy and Feather )
- any lip balm
- spatulas
- small saucepan
- small container for melting the balm
- 99% alcohol ( to sterilise spatulas/containers )
- small container for final product

Boil water in saucepan. Chop up 3/4 of the lip balm into the small container using the spatula. Add about 10 drops of liptar. I used about 6 drops of Pretty Boy and 4 drops of Feather.

Put the container of the mixture on the hot water. Turn off the stove. Carefully chop and stir the mixture. It will totally melt after about 3 minutes.

Quickly pour into small container for your final product and pop it in the fridge for about 5 minutes. It will start to solidify as it cools, even while you are pouring. It is okay, just scoop it out with your spatula.

Your lipstick using lip tar is done within 15 minutes. It will be more awesome if you have a lipstick mould.

Tag me on IG #makeupmakeout
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if you tried it out.

I am sure to be making wayyyyy more whenever i get the urge for a new lipstick. Have fun and don't burn your fingers :)

26 Jan 2013

HOW TO : Basic Foundation Routine

Hey all!

I'm sharing with you what my daily foundation routine is like. I have normal skin so i don't use primer on days when i will not be doing much errands. I prefer a foundation routine which is light weight and will 'glow' once i am out. My steps will be moisturiser, concealor for the under eyes (in this entry i omitted that), foundation, powder and blusher/bronzer.
For concealing, a separate entry can be found here ( HOW TO : Conceal Under Eyes Discolouration )

Matte skin products which provide full coverage are nice but throughout the day, it can be patchy or slide off the skin especially for those with oily t-zone. Therefore, full coverage products are not exactly the holy grail of a DAILY face. I have seen crack lines on make ups for some who wears excessive Kryolan Stick foundation set with Mac Studio Fix on daily basis. It is not exactly good for your skin to be covered daily with a layer of that much and thick foundation.

We are not talking about bridal/runway makeup here so do not be confused :)

A general rule of thumb for myself would be a combo of these:
- Liquid foundation light to medium coverage set with compact/loose powder.
- BB Cream or liquid foundation light coverage set with two way cake.
- Cream or liquid foundation medium to heavy coverage set with loose/translucent powder.

Some of my favourite heavy coverage foundation would be Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation, Covermark basic or Revlon Colorstay.
For light to medium coverage favourite would be Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation. Smells good and for myself, the coverage is just nice to even out the skin tone.

For the pictorial below, i used :
Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation in no. 55
Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation in 240 for the mild contour
Two stippling brushes
Bourjois Healthy Mix compact powder
MAC mineralised skin finish in Comfort for the contour/blush.

- Apply foundation underneath the eye, above the jaw, nose bridge and a bit on the temple and blend using stippling brush with a swirling motion.
- Apply a darker foundation below the cheekbone, side of nose bridge and blend again. Apply compact powder with a sponge, dabbing it.
- Lastly, use a bronzer and apply lightly below the cheekbone.

If you do try it, tag me on Facebook or #makeupmakeout on IG.

Have a good week ahead :)

19 Jan 2013

HOW TO: Cut Crease Eyeshadow ♥

Hey all! Here's a visual guide on how to do cut crease eyeshadow technique on asian/ oriental eyes. Most i've seen online feature models with deep crease. That is wayyyyy easier because the template is there and all it takes is some right color placement.

For oriental eyelids like mine (maybe yours too), it requires a bit of work in locating the right place to create the "deep cut crease". If the "cut" is not done at the right place, the cut crease will be goneeeeeee when you open up your eyes.

TIP : To get the placement, look straight into the mirror and put a lil mark using a khol pencil about 5mm above from the lashline in the center.

You will need :
- Brown khol pencil
- Black, brown, white, shimmer offwhite eyeshadows
( I used Tako and Bulletproof from Sugarpill Cosmetics and Sleek/Sephora palettes )
- Eyeshadow primer ( I used Nyx Milk )
- Liquid eyeline ( or gel liner but i'm using liquid )
- Mascara
- Eyeshadow brush, blending brush, flat brush and a medium tip brush
- Occ liptar in Vintage

Draw a cut crease line from the outer corner of the eye, 3/4 through the length of your eyelid. The highest point is the 5mm marking which i mentioned previously.

Fill in the eyelid area with Nyx Milk. I used a flat brush for precision.

Pat white eyeshadow on the eyelid area. Make sure it is even. Start from the inner/outer corner and working gradually. The center part must NOT be patchy else it will look bad.

With a medium tip brush, apply brown eyeshadow on top of the khol pencil line.
Use an eyeshadow brush and "pull" the brown eyeshadow towards the brow.
Darken the crease line with black eyeshadow and smudge the outer corner plus midway of the lower lashline.
Highlight the brow bone using the offwhite shimmer eyeshadow and blend the brown with it.

Lastly, line your lashline, add mascara, add false lashes and you are ready to bat those eyelids :)
I used Occ liptar in Vintage to go with the eyeshadows. To make it ultra glossy, i mixed a drop of Vintage with a clear gloss and applied with a lip brush.

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Happy rainy Sunday ya'll :)