16 Dec 2012

Happy 2013!!

Hey all!

Just popping by to wish you all happy holidays and 2013.. Make sure you got all your resolutions down and START TODAYYYY. No need to wait for a new year for resolutions to get going. In case what you are wondering what i have up my sleeve for 2013..
I am starting sewing my own lil diy projekts under the label Bonita Bonette. Make up is fun but i really prefer hands-on projekts above beauty anytime. The suggestions on my facebook for making tote bags, headbands etc are all so possible. I am already researching for materials, how-tos etc for it. I am not sure how i'll cope with the LaRiche Directions Dyes business but i will rake my brains out later on how else to juggle my pathetic 24hrs.

All that aside, i present to you a lovely shoot, the last for 2012. Make up by me, using airbrush. Hair by Francisco and photography by Elena.

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