12 Oct 2012

HOW TO : Dyeing with Directions 101 and bleaching tips.

Hey all!

It has been weeks since i last blogged in here. Currently in a state of busy bee and lack of sleep. I am also planning to redesign the site on Sunday, bear with me.
My stocks for La Riche Directions dyes are in too so yeah, i've been getting them out there for sale plus make up assignments. Even my Bonita Bonette has been neglected for abit :(

I am seeking resellers so if anyone would like to earn extra pocket money monthly, i am supplying these dyes at bulk prices. If you are keen in doing a preorder for your clients, let me know and i'll get back to you the details :)
All i can say is, these dyes are REAL popular right now.

Okay. along the way, i get many interested clients who are new to semi permanent dyes. Here's the common frequently asked questions, ANSWERED.

I beg of you please STAY ON and read. I really can't cope with individual messages on my fb all the time :(

What is semi-permanent hairdyes?
- It is a dye that washes out between 6-12 shampoo washes, no ammonia/peroxide therefore it can't lighten hair. Bleaching is a must to achieve vibrant colours.

How to use the Directions dye?
- Apply on damp hair using a comb and brush or you can simply scoop it up while wearing gloves and just massage into your hair, like conditioner.
Leave for 30-45minutes.
You can apply some heat for even more intense colour. Rinse and condition.

How long will it last?
- 6-12 shampoo washes or 2-6weeks.

How to make the colour last longer?
- DO NOT wash hair with warm water. Use colour care or sulphate-free shampoos. Condition hair after every wash and wash your hair every alternate days.

Will bleaching damage my hair?
- Hell yes. Bleaching is stripping off the colour from each hair shaft. As a result your hair will be fragile.

How to treat bleached hair?
- From my 8 years experience with DIY hair bleaching process, i treat my hair with tonnes of good conditioner, leave in conditioner and i use zero hairdryer/straightening/curling irons.
Good conditioners = Expensive conditioners :)
you can go all natural with jojoba oil.. Even better. You can get it at shops that sell organic stuffs.

How do i use the White Toner/Silver dye?
- You will need to bleach like Picture 3 and then use White toner to remove the brassiness or use Silver to add a hint of gray/blue to it.

Will i need to touch up my Directions hairdye when it fades?
- Yes, just add on the colour like the first time, leave on, rinse and that's it.

How long will 1 tub last?
- Depends on your hair length. Here's a general guide but it is best to have more dyes than less.
Short hair can use up to 3 times full head application.
Medium hair can use up to 2 times full head application.
Long hair can use 1 full head application.

With all that aside, i present to you a general guide on "how" blonde should you be to achieve the right colour using the Directions dyes. Virgin hair (first timers) or hair that had been dyed black will have a copper undertone. It might take two-three bleaching sessions to get what you want. Do leave a few days in between, with full on treatment, before rebleaching again.
For best results, head to a reputable salon.
Colours like red, pink and orange can be used on copper hair. The result will still be okay.
Colours like blue, green, violet and pastels, you will need to remove as much as possible any copper tones.

Have fun and do treat DIY hair dyeing as a project rather than expecting instant result. It makes it more fun and stress free.
Really really :)

Disclaimer: I spent some time searching and compiling the images from google so blame me not if it's your picture. Credits goes to you still for having great hair!

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