13 Sep 2012

MOTD ( Deeper eye socket for Asian Eyes )

For today's look, i want to create some depth for my eye make up. It is not fun looking at all the gorgeous make up done 97% of the times on eyes which have deeper socket, double eyelids and naturally long lashes.

I always find it to be of a great injustice to not be able to put 10 colours on my tiny eyelids, heh. SO i shall not be demoralised.

I shall show you my fellow friends who have the same or similar problem as i do, how to create some depth and make the barely there double eyelid more prominent.
Hey ho let's go!

I will be using :
- Sleek Sunset Palette
- Sleek Coral Blusher
- Nyx Eyeshadow base in White
- A fluffy eyeshadow brush
- An eyeshadow brush
- A pencil brush
- A smudging brush

- Apply the eyeshadow base on both eyelids.

- Apply a copper colour on the eyelid in a semi circle shape.

- Using the fluffy brush, blend it side to side till there's no harsh line visible.

- Using your finger tip, apply a lil light gold on your double eyelid. This is the key trick to making your eyes look fresh and bigger than usual.

- Using the fluffy brush, add a lil Coral on the outer corner of the eye. You can use any matt reddish brown for this. This is to create a subtle depth above your double eyelid.

- Using the eyeshadow brush, apply some copper colour to the lower eyelid.

- As you can see in Picture 6, that's how your eye should look like.

- Still unsatisfied, i used the smudging brush and matt black eyeshadow to line above my double eyelid. That is to create a stark contrast to the gold. More dramatic, i like.

- Using the pencil brush, i blend the black upwards but still allow the Coral to show itself above the black just like Picture 9.

- Mascara, highlight the brow bone with an off white colour and you're done!

It may take a while to get it perfect. You can start off using lighter neutral colours. That will be easier to handle. Same technique can be used with most colours.

For the brushes, use whatever similar brushes that you have. Just practice a few times and you'll get there.

Buying new make up products do not make you an expert overnight :)

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