20 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Smokey Eyes for Asian Eyelids

This is the greatest holy grail when it comes to beauty make up. 8/10 of my clients will request for smokey eyes, be it dramatic or a subtle sultry version of it. A lot of ladies who attended my workshops always share their experience on how they want to attanin smokey eyes and ended up looking like pandas. Not a bad thing though, i like pandas :)

There are tonnes of videos and tutorials in all form for the perfect smokey eyes. Here's my take on it. With step by step pictures.

You will need :

- Eyeshadow base / concealor , to create a base for lasting non-creasing eyeshadows
- Two eyeshadows, Black and Offwhite shade. I used Carbon and Vanilla Mac Eyeshadows.
- Small eyeshadow brush
- Fluffy / blending brush
- Medium eyeshadow
- Mascara

First off, you will need to prime your eyelids wth eyeshadow base. You can use a brush or sponge or even finger tips. Do not overdo your eyeshadow base, it will also cause CREASING. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing ya'll.

Next, apply a thing layer of black eyeshadow, closest to your eyelids. Do not exceed the end of your eyelids. That will make your eyes look droopy. Not pretty.

Blend the eyeshadows upwards. Here's the trick - WIPE YOUR BRUSH ON DRY TISSUE AFTER EACH TIME YOU REACH THE END OF THE EYELID. Why? That will remove all the excess shadows that is stuck to your brush. You will realise that once you start getting that habit, your emokey eyes will look clean and neat.

Once you reach midway of your eyelids, the "smoke" should be almost non visible. It will just peek at the edge of your eyelids when your eyes are open.

Next, we need to apply the offwhite shadow on the brow bone. Blend downwards. It should lightly overlay the slightest part of your black eyeshadow.

Apply a little black shadow on your lower lashline, mascara and/or false lashes and you're done!

Use less product. For first timers, do it it with a shimmer dark brown eyeshadow. Blending shimmer shadows are far more chicken feet than matt shadows. Once you master that, try with matt shadows. It should be far more easier than your first attempt.

All the best! Tag me on facebook if you did try out this method.
Next entry, i will introduce you to my brushes and advise you what will be a good beginners set.

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