8 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Pastel Hair Dyes / Bleach

To get that pastel colour is actually REAL easy. The bleaching part is tricky but once you get it, it's a breeze. Do not expect to get it right once. It took me 7 years of self experimental experience to get it right :)

- Do not wash your hair maybe a day or two prior to bleaching to reduce damage.
- Do not apply direct heat to hair. If you need to, wear a shower cap to contain your own bodyheat to develop the bleach better.
- Do not leave it on for more than 45mins. That's suicidal.
- Invest in a good conditioner or even hair oil to treat your hair.
- No curlers or straightening iron for some time.
- For platinum hair, you need to bleach to yellow/whitish blonde and use a White Toner to neutralise the yellow tones.

You'll need :
- 1 lolaine bleach powder
- 1 lolaine developer in 9% or 12%
- creamy hair conditioner
- 1 La Riche Directions colour of your choice, i used Violet.
- Gloves, comb etc

Mix the bleach powder at the ratio of 1:1.
I part my hair and apply bleach on each section gradually. Leave it on for 30mins, rinse and conditioned.
You might not achieve this overnight if you have virgin hair.
If it is still goldish or medium blonde, let your hair rest a week or two and reattempt. Patience :)

For the pastel colour, i simply wore my gloves, take a lil of my dye on my palm, pour a lot of conditioner to dilute the colour. However pastel you see it, is however its going to look on your hair. Massage into hair, leave on for twenty minutes and rinse.
Done :)

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