3 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Minor Cut for Halloween

For the past five years, i've been working during Halloween. Be it from my past job with Supperclub Singapore or doing freelance make up for event companies including Universal Studios Singapore itself for 2011.
Each time, i learn completely new things, be it right or wrong. It is great because i understand my products so much better, grow up seeing the effects and consequences first hand.

Two months back, i attended a SFX workshop by David Willis, international and Hollywood sfx/beauty make up artist and speaker for 2011 Sydney IMATS. It was awesome to learn so much about professional production makeup. There are fine details and researches to be done before each look. Not simply, applying fake blood and bruises everywhere. Serious business.

Here's the conclusion. When it comes to special effects make up, i learnt that the purpose plays a HUGE part.
For example, if it is for stage, old age makeup will mainly rely on facepaints for highlights and shadows. For productions, we use makeup plus having to change the texture of the skin due to the introduction of HI-DEF technology. Once we know the purpose, our product knowledge come into the picture and so on so forth.

The picture on the right is a production i did for Sentosa Development Board corporate video a few months back. Notice how there is no dramatization, it have to look subtle and believable. Of course, the first picture is a real cute sweet lil 8year old boy, no makeup,

Okay enough of my rambling. What ii'll be showing you how to do is for PARTIES. If it is only you alone or a few friends, save that makeup artist fee to get wasted :)

On Halloween, you have the license to look bad. Be experimental!

You will need
- Fake blood
- Sfx Wax
- Spatula ( or toothpick or small scissors )
- Sponge
- Fluffy medium brush
- Foundation
- Loose powder
- Matt dark blue and purple eyeshadow

Choose a part of your body which will have least contact. Forehead and chest are good.

Mould the wax onto the skin with fingertips, keeping the edges as flat as possible.

Do a cut with your spatula and create a crevice.

Stipple foundation around the wound with very light pressure.

Gently pick up some loose
powder with the brush and dap it on the wound. Make sure it looks like skin colour.

Apply fake blood in the crevice. Darker dry blood will be more "realistic".

Stipple lightly blue/purple blotches around the wound to create bruises.

Drip some liquid fake blood down from the crevices.
Done :)

Always remember that fake blood, no matter what brand, stain. Use babyoil to remove the wax followed by makeup remover and wash. Have fun! Tag me on facebook or instagram if you tried it :)

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