12 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Conceal Under Eyes Discolouration ( Medium Coverage )

Today, i don't feel like wearing much foundation. Usually if i do a face mask the night before, i will try not to apply too much foundation the next day. My skin feels clean and this paranoid brain tells me not to overdo the foundation.
Therefore, what i'll just use is a medium/ full coverage foundation as a concealor.

Before getting my Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit, i was using my fingertips. I will always dab my foundation around the eye area. I have tiny wrinkles forming, i do not need to tug and create more :s

This kit is AMAZING. I adore small and tiny brushes. They are the best for details. I already have more than enough for eye make up. These small synthetic brushes for concealors/foundations appeal most to me than any of the Sigma range.
I always try to get the best softest synthetic brushes for any cream products application. I personally find it yucky to use natural bristles with creamy/liquid products. It is just extra work when washing the brushes because natural bristles will absorb the cream/liquid products.
This kit is pretty much a dream come true. Replacing my fingertips with brushes? By all means, HELL YES to that.

I will be using :
- Sigma Synthetic Precision brush in P82
- MAC Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation No.215

- First, moisturise your skin. That'll help any product you'll be using to glide smoothly. You can also use a primer after that. I'm not using any today.

- Using P82, i dab it with a lil of my foundation and started on the outer corner and working inwards.
Why? So there will less excess product on the inner conner of the eye.
Excess product = Flakes.

- Move upwards, next to your nosebridge and all the way up to your eyelid and brow bone.

- For full coverage, you can let the foundation dry and reapply another layer.

- Use MAC 187 and buff the foundation, away from the eye area. That will spread the product and blend it into your skin.
If you'd like full coverage, apply your foundation with the MAC 187 all over your cheeks, forehead etc.

-Powder and apply everything else.
Done! :)

Easy peasy when you have the right materials and a good night sleep.

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