26 Sep 2012

Liptars vs Pout Paint.

Hey all,

I remembered that time when i uploaded pictures of my OCC Liptar collection and Sleek Pout Paint Collection, there was alot of people asking about their differences.

The maximum shelf life for lipsticks is 1-2 years max. For my liptars i do think they'll last longer than that. They are in a tube and will not be contaminated, consist of simple ingredients of mainly of natural plant oils, pigments/micas and Vitamin E as a preservative. I do think it will be A-OK.

Here's a simple list of the differences i find between Pout Paints and Liptars :

- Liptars are more runny as compared to Pout Paint which is far more creamier.
- Pout Paint has limited colour range, way lesser than the 36 or more colours from OCC.
- Liptars tend to bleed and never really dry because it is made of oil. Pout Paint, because of its creamier consistency, it does dry down slightly better than Liptars.

I love both products despite its difference. I found ways to work around each product weaknesses.
Such as wearing lipstick first before applying Liptars to enhance its colour and drawing a very thin lip liner before wearing liptars.
I prefer the consistency of the Pout Paints more. I will not end up with dry lips after wearing them for hours, unlike Liptars.

Recently, Liptars has change it's packaging to look something like Pout Paint. Thank goodness for that. That will stop it from bleeding all over the inside of the cap in your make up kit. Quite a nightmare to clean up.

Again, it is up to your preferences. I am not all about the "beauty" hype when it comes to products.
I am more of the getting a certain product and making it work according to what i have in mind :)

Below are some swatches of the

Hope that helps! :)

For the swatch below, it is -
Mauve Over (pp) - Hoochie (lt) - Pinkini (pp) - Anime (lt)

ps. (pp) - pout paint and (lt) - liptar

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  1. I have always wanted to try both these products for a while. I have heard great things about both. OCC lip tars are just so expensive, it's hard to bring myself to only buy a few of those when I have the money when I could spend it on more products that are still good quality. I want to try pout paints, but I am waiting till I can order a bunch of sleek products as their shipping to the US is not so awesome haha. Thanks for posting this! <3