22 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Make Up Brushes and Make Up.

Hey all! Just like what i promised, an entire entry on make up brushes and its usage.
I will be writing this entry from a make up user point of view. The brushes below are mostly available from MAC counters or SIGMA or Sephora. Almost all make up lines will carry make up brushes - not that cheap but still alright because you do not buy brushes every other month. My babies here are mostly 2-3 years old and functioning very well. I will also include a brush care at the end of the entry.

We all have preferences. I am not promoting a certain brand or type or go raving about it. What i will advise you to do is simply know what your brushes are made of [ synthetic/natural fur ] and look for similar ones in the pictures. For further enquiries, you can either drop a comment :)
Ok go!

These brushes are for a flawless application of base make up. They are usually made of natural fur but these days, the synthetic ones are no inferior to their fur counterparts. The reason why powder brushes are made with natural fur is simply because they pick up powdered particles easily. Natural fibers are not straight and smooth like nylon. That way they pick up more products and less flyaways.

Powder brushes : Usually a fluffy, soft large or medium size brush. Suitable for loose/caked products.
Foundation brushes : Either flat top duo fiber stippling brush or a flat synthetic paddle-like shape brush.
For liquid/cream products. They need to be used with a light hand. Too much pressure will cause streaks on skin.

CARE - Need thorough washing every week or so if possible. Keeping them clean will ensure that you will not have any breakouts.

Top two : Large powder brush / Round top kabuki brush
Bottom three : Flat foundation brush / Stippling brush / Dome top concealing brush

These brushes are for eyeshadow application, be it on the eyelid or on the lash line. They are usually made of natural fur or synthetic material. They come in various sizes and shape. Each shape is for a different part on the eye itself. The most common ones will be those pencil brushes for outer-V application or a cut crease and blending brushes. You need at least one brush for eyeshadow on the eyelid, for the crease, for the lower lashline/ inner corners. We will tend to overdo with our eyeshadow brushes collection, it's okay. Do not stop till you find your favourite :)

Pencil brushes : Usually a pointed tip brush, sometimes can be a little rounder so that will create a less harsh line.Great for smudging eyeliner for a more smouldering look.
Eyeshadow brushes : Flat synthetic paddle-like shape brush, about the size of your fingertip. Very compact so it will pick up products to pack on your eyelids. This will create a solid color block if you do not blend the edges.
Hi-Def Brush : My personal favourite. It is a tiny version of the eyeshadow brush. The size is about less than 5mm. For adding shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes, lower lashline and everything else.
Smudge Brushes : Short hair, flat top and the width is also about the size of your fingertip. They are great for darkening your double eyelid and lower lashline. Very useful for smokey eye technique.

CARE - Need thorough washing every week or so if possible. Use a cosmetic brush cleaner to clean the colours off them. Keep them clean to avoid any eye irritations.

1 : Pencil brushes
2 : Eyeshadow brushes
3: Hi-Def brush / Smudge brushes

These brushes are fluffy and soft. They come in various sizes and shape. Some are dome, some are angles, some are round etc. They are great for higlighting various part of the face too.The smaller ones are usually for the blending any harsh lines for your eyeshadows. As all of these brushes are soft, the colour are not as intense when applied.

Angled blush/contouring brushes : The width is about two finger size. Anything bigger will not be good for contouring because it will spread too much colour. Suitable for powder/cream products.
Fan brushes : Many people think these babies are useless. They are EXCELLENT for adding a shimmer touch to the area above the apple of the cheeks, chin and forehead without looking like Edward Cullen :)
Squarish flat top brushes : I do not even know what it is called but i got it from my beauty school. Supposedly it was used for cream foundation but since i generally is against of using cream products on natural fur brushes, i used these for contouring. Works great.
Blending brushes : These are they miracle workers for eyeshadows. You will use this everyday. A must to get. It is useful to get at least two sizes for this range of brushes.

CARE - Need thorough washing every week or so if possible. Keeping them clean will ensure that you will not have any breakouts or eye infections.

Top two : Angled blusher brush / Fan brush / Squarish brush [?]
Bottom three : Various fluffy blending brushes

These brushes are made of nylon and usually will create a clean sharp edges when used with any creamy/gel/lip/base products. They do not absorb the product therefore cleaning is a tad easier with them. Again, there are various types. We have square, round, pointed and angled tips. I love these because for detail works.

CARE - Need washing or at least wiping with brush cleanser everyday. Keeping them clean will ensure that you will not have any gunks or build up especially those used with gel liners and lip products.


That's about it! I hope i did not bore you to death because i can get more technical about things but let's just save that. Have a good week ahead people and comment/follow whenever you want.
Still not very happy about the layout here. Hmm.

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