26 Aug 2012

HOW TO : Ombre Hair.

I hope this will solve all the questions if you need to bleach first before dyeing, how to use the dye etc.
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You'll need hair bleach, Directions dye, aluminium foil, a brush, gloves and hairdryer.

  • Cut out strips of foil 
  • Place a section of hair on it 
  • Apply bleach mixture 
  • Wrap and apply heat using hairdryer. 
  • Keep it between 25-30mins. 
  • Rinse and keep it damp. 
  • Apply Directions dye using gloves on bleached parts. 
  • Keep it for 30-45mins. 
  • Rinse with cold water and conditioner. 
  • Done! 

For lighter colours like Apricot, Pastel Pink etc, you will need to bleach your hair till light yellow. Else there'll be very little result.
 Ombre hair is fun.
Back in my days, 8 years ago, i just called it "gradient". Now that "gradient" is making a revival. Interesting. I will be posting more HOW TO subjects soon, in regards to make up etc. If i have time.

 Picture credit to: http://martinasatoriova.buzznet.com/m/user/journal/12124521/diy-dip-dye-hair/

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