16 Dec 2012

Happy 2013!!

Hey all!

Just popping by to wish you all happy holidays and 2013.. Make sure you got all your resolutions down and START TODAYYYY. No need to wait for a new year for resolutions to get going. In case what you are wondering what i have up my sleeve for 2013..
I am starting sewing my own lil diy projekts under the label Bonita Bonette. Make up is fun but i really prefer hands-on projekts above beauty anytime. The suggestions on my facebook for making tote bags, headbands etc are all so possible. I am already researching for materials, how-tos etc for it. I am not sure how i'll cope with the LaRiche Directions Dyes business but i will rake my brains out later on how else to juggle my pathetic 24hrs.

All that aside, i present to you a lovely shoot, the last for 2012. Make up by me, using airbrush. Hair by Francisco and photography by Elena.

12 Oct 2012

HOW TO : Dyeing with Directions 101 and bleaching tips.

Hey all!

It has been weeks since i last blogged in here. Currently in a state of busy bee and lack of sleep. I am also planning to redesign the site on Sunday, bear with me.
My stocks for La Riche Directions dyes are in too so yeah, i've been getting them out there for sale plus make up assignments. Even my Bonita Bonette has been neglected for abit :(

I am seeking resellers so if anyone would like to earn extra pocket money monthly, i am supplying these dyes at bulk prices. If you are keen in doing a preorder for your clients, let me know and i'll get back to you the details :)
All i can say is, these dyes are REAL popular right now.

Okay. along the way, i get many interested clients who are new to semi permanent dyes. Here's the common frequently asked questions, ANSWERED.

I beg of you please STAY ON and read. I really can't cope with individual messages on my fb all the time :(

What is semi-permanent hairdyes?
- It is a dye that washes out between 6-12 shampoo washes, no ammonia/peroxide therefore it can't lighten hair. Bleaching is a must to achieve vibrant colours.

How to use the Directions dye?
- Apply on damp hair using a comb and brush or you can simply scoop it up while wearing gloves and just massage into your hair, like conditioner.
Leave for 30-45minutes.
You can apply some heat for even more intense colour. Rinse and condition.

How long will it last?
- 6-12 shampoo washes or 2-6weeks.

How to make the colour last longer?
- DO NOT wash hair with warm water. Use colour care or sulphate-free shampoos. Condition hair after every wash and wash your hair every alternate days.

Will bleaching damage my hair?
- Hell yes. Bleaching is stripping off the colour from each hair shaft. As a result your hair will be fragile.

How to treat bleached hair?
- From my 8 years experience with DIY hair bleaching process, i treat my hair with tonnes of good conditioner, leave in conditioner and i use zero hairdryer/straightening/curling irons.
Good conditioners = Expensive conditioners :)
you can go all natural with jojoba oil.. Even better. You can get it at shops that sell organic stuffs.

How do i use the White Toner/Silver dye?
- You will need to bleach like Picture 3 and then use White toner to remove the brassiness or use Silver to add a hint of gray/blue to it.

Will i need to touch up my Directions hairdye when it fades?
- Yes, just add on the colour like the first time, leave on, rinse and that's it.

How long will 1 tub last?
- Depends on your hair length. Here's a general guide but it is best to have more dyes than less.
Short hair can use up to 3 times full head application.
Medium hair can use up to 2 times full head application.
Long hair can use 1 full head application.

With all that aside, i present to you a general guide on "how" blonde should you be to achieve the right colour using the Directions dyes. Virgin hair (first timers) or hair that had been dyed black will have a copper undertone. It might take two-three bleaching sessions to get what you want. Do leave a few days in between, with full on treatment, before rebleaching again.
For best results, head to a reputable salon.
Colours like red, pink and orange can be used on copper hair. The result will still be okay.
Colours like blue, green, violet and pastels, you will need to remove as much as possible any copper tones.

Have fun and do treat DIY hair dyeing as a project rather than expecting instant result. It makes it more fun and stress free.
Really really :)

Disclaimer: I spent some time searching and compiling the images from google so blame me not if it's your picture. Credits goes to you still for having great hair!

26 Sep 2012

Liptars vs Pout Paint.

Hey all,

I remembered that time when i uploaded pictures of my OCC Liptar collection and Sleek Pout Paint Collection, there was alot of people asking about their differences.

The maximum shelf life for lipsticks is 1-2 years max. For my liptars i do think they'll last longer than that. They are in a tube and will not be contaminated, consist of simple ingredients of mainly of natural plant oils, pigments/micas and Vitamin E as a preservative. I do think it will be A-OK.

Here's a simple list of the differences i find between Pout Paints and Liptars :

- Liptars are more runny as compared to Pout Paint which is far more creamier.
- Pout Paint has limited colour range, way lesser than the 36 or more colours from OCC.
- Liptars tend to bleed and never really dry because it is made of oil. Pout Paint, because of its creamier consistency, it does dry down slightly better than Liptars.

I love both products despite its difference. I found ways to work around each product weaknesses.
Such as wearing lipstick first before applying Liptars to enhance its colour and drawing a very thin lip liner before wearing liptars.
I prefer the consistency of the Pout Paints more. I will not end up with dry lips after wearing them for hours, unlike Liptars.

Recently, Liptars has change it's packaging to look something like Pout Paint. Thank goodness for that. That will stop it from bleeding all over the inside of the cap in your make up kit. Quite a nightmare to clean up.

Again, it is up to your preferences. I am not all about the "beauty" hype when it comes to products.
I am more of the getting a certain product and making it work according to what i have in mind :)

Below are some swatches of the

Hope that helps! :)

For the swatch below, it is -
Mauve Over (pp) - Hoochie (lt) - Pinkini (pp) - Anime (lt)

ps. (pp) - pout paint and (lt) - liptar

25 Sep 2012

Colours Overload

Hi all,

I just uploaded two looks which i did recently and not so recently. Not exactly looks, more of fantasy eyeshadow ideas.

I used :

- Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
- Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow palette
- Sleek IDivine Acid palette
- NYX Glitter palette
- MAC Gel Liner in Blitz n Glitz
- Big lashes from Red Cherry
- Craft store rhinestones plus false lashes glue to stick them down.

For the first look, after putting all the colours in, LIGHTLY pat the glitter cream on your lid.
Use sparingly and gradually built layer upon layer once it dries.

Throw it all on together and this is what you get :)

22 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Make Up Brushes and Make Up.

Hey all! Just like what i promised, an entire entry on make up brushes and its usage.
I will be writing this entry from a make up user point of view. The brushes below are mostly available from MAC counters or SIGMA or Sephora. Almost all make up lines will carry make up brushes - not that cheap but still alright because you do not buy brushes every other month. My babies here are mostly 2-3 years old and functioning very well. I will also include a brush care at the end of the entry.

We all have preferences. I am not promoting a certain brand or type or go raving about it. What i will advise you to do is simply know what your brushes are made of [ synthetic/natural fur ] and look for similar ones in the pictures. For further enquiries, you can either drop a comment :)
Ok go!

These brushes are for a flawless application of base make up. They are usually made of natural fur but these days, the synthetic ones are no inferior to their fur counterparts. The reason why powder brushes are made with natural fur is simply because they pick up powdered particles easily. Natural fibers are not straight and smooth like nylon. That way they pick up more products and less flyaways.

Powder brushes : Usually a fluffy, soft large or medium size brush. Suitable for loose/caked products.
Foundation brushes : Either flat top duo fiber stippling brush or a flat synthetic paddle-like shape brush.
For liquid/cream products. They need to be used with a light hand. Too much pressure will cause streaks on skin.

CARE - Need thorough washing every week or so if possible. Keeping them clean will ensure that you will not have any breakouts.

Top two : Large powder brush / Round top kabuki brush
Bottom three : Flat foundation brush / Stippling brush / Dome top concealing brush

These brushes are for eyeshadow application, be it on the eyelid or on the lash line. They are usually made of natural fur or synthetic material. They come in various sizes and shape. Each shape is for a different part on the eye itself. The most common ones will be those pencil brushes for outer-V application or a cut crease and blending brushes. You need at least one brush for eyeshadow on the eyelid, for the crease, for the lower lashline/ inner corners. We will tend to overdo with our eyeshadow brushes collection, it's okay. Do not stop till you find your favourite :)

Pencil brushes : Usually a pointed tip brush, sometimes can be a little rounder so that will create a less harsh line.Great for smudging eyeliner for a more smouldering look.
Eyeshadow brushes : Flat synthetic paddle-like shape brush, about the size of your fingertip. Very compact so it will pick up products to pack on your eyelids. This will create a solid color block if you do not blend the edges.
Hi-Def Brush : My personal favourite. It is a tiny version of the eyeshadow brush. The size is about less than 5mm. For adding shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes, lower lashline and everything else.
Smudge Brushes : Short hair, flat top and the width is also about the size of your fingertip. They are great for darkening your double eyelid and lower lashline. Very useful for smokey eye technique.

CARE - Need thorough washing every week or so if possible. Use a cosmetic brush cleaner to clean the colours off them. Keep them clean to avoid any eye irritations.

1 : Pencil brushes
2 : Eyeshadow brushes
3: Hi-Def brush / Smudge brushes

These brushes are fluffy and soft. They come in various sizes and shape. Some are dome, some are angles, some are round etc. They are great for higlighting various part of the face too.The smaller ones are usually for the blending any harsh lines for your eyeshadows. As all of these brushes are soft, the colour are not as intense when applied.

Angled blush/contouring brushes : The width is about two finger size. Anything bigger will not be good for contouring because it will spread too much colour. Suitable for powder/cream products.
Fan brushes : Many people think these babies are useless. They are EXCELLENT for adding a shimmer touch to the area above the apple of the cheeks, chin and forehead without looking like Edward Cullen :)
Squarish flat top brushes : I do not even know what it is called but i got it from my beauty school. Supposedly it was used for cream foundation but since i generally is against of using cream products on natural fur brushes, i used these for contouring. Works great.
Blending brushes : These are they miracle workers for eyeshadows. You will use this everyday. A must to get. It is useful to get at least two sizes for this range of brushes.

CARE - Need thorough washing every week or so if possible. Keeping them clean will ensure that you will not have any breakouts or eye infections.

Top two : Angled blusher brush / Fan brush / Squarish brush [?]
Bottom three : Various fluffy blending brushes

These brushes are made of nylon and usually will create a clean sharp edges when used with any creamy/gel/lip/base products. They do not absorb the product therefore cleaning is a tad easier with them. Again, there are various types. We have square, round, pointed and angled tips. I love these because for detail works.

CARE - Need washing or at least wiping with brush cleanser everyday. Keeping them clean will ensure that you will not have any gunks or build up especially those used with gel liners and lip products.


That's about it! I hope i did not bore you to death because i can get more technical about things but let's just save that. Have a good week ahead people and comment/follow whenever you want.
Still not very happy about the layout here. Hmm.

20 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Smokey Eyes for Asian Eyelids

This is the greatest holy grail when it comes to beauty make up. 8/10 of my clients will request for smokey eyes, be it dramatic or a subtle sultry version of it. A lot of ladies who attended my workshops always share their experience on how they want to attanin smokey eyes and ended up looking like pandas. Not a bad thing though, i like pandas :)

There are tonnes of videos and tutorials in all form for the perfect smokey eyes. Here's my take on it. With step by step pictures.

You will need :

- Eyeshadow base / concealor , to create a base for lasting non-creasing eyeshadows
- Two eyeshadows, Black and Offwhite shade. I used Carbon and Vanilla Mac Eyeshadows.
- Small eyeshadow brush
- Fluffy / blending brush
- Medium eyeshadow
- Mascara

First off, you will need to prime your eyelids wth eyeshadow base. You can use a brush or sponge or even finger tips. Do not overdo your eyeshadow base, it will also cause CREASING. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing ya'll.

Next, apply a thing layer of black eyeshadow, closest to your eyelids. Do not exceed the end of your eyelids. That will make your eyes look droopy. Not pretty.

Blend the eyeshadows upwards. Here's the trick - WIPE YOUR BRUSH ON DRY TISSUE AFTER EACH TIME YOU REACH THE END OF THE EYELID. Why? That will remove all the excess shadows that is stuck to your brush. You will realise that once you start getting that habit, your emokey eyes will look clean and neat.

Once you reach midway of your eyelids, the "smoke" should be almost non visible. It will just peek at the edge of your eyelids when your eyes are open.

Next, we need to apply the offwhite shadow on the brow bone. Blend downwards. It should lightly overlay the slightest part of your black eyeshadow.

Apply a little black shadow on your lower lashline, mascara and/or false lashes and you're done!

Use less product. For first timers, do it it with a shimmer dark brown eyeshadow. Blending shimmer shadows are far more chicken feet than matt shadows. Once you master that, try with matt shadows. It should be far more easier than your first attempt.

All the best! Tag me on facebook if you did try out this method.
Next entry, i will introduce you to my brushes and advise you what will be a good beginners set.

18 Sep 2012

MOTD ( Shimmery eyes and red lips )

I have not been writing here for three days. My mind is elsewhere so pardon me if you've been checking the page out but with no new entry.

Today's MOTD is real easy, using the same technique as the previous post.

I used :
- Sleek Sunset Palette
- Nyx eyeshadow base
- Nyx white pencil liner
- Bourjois mascara
- Nyx matte Pure Red lipstick
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation
- Make Up Store Hi-Techlighter in Venus

The only difference for today is there's white liner in the waterline. For us with narrow eyes, white pencil liner will help you look fresher big time. Try it out with your usual smokey eyes, immediately your eyes appear a tad bigger and alive.

I am not a fan of lining my waterliner or bottom lashline with black. Black will "close" it up further. It can be sexy for evenings but for day look, i usually keep that at bay.

Will write another How To entry later tonight. See ya :)

13 Sep 2012

MOTD ( Deeper eye socket for Asian Eyes )

For today's look, i want to create some depth for my eye make up. It is not fun looking at all the gorgeous make up done 97% of the times on eyes which have deeper socket, double eyelids and naturally long lashes.

I always find it to be of a great injustice to not be able to put 10 colours on my tiny eyelids, heh. SO i shall not be demoralised.

I shall show you my fellow friends who have the same or similar problem as i do, how to create some depth and make the barely there double eyelid more prominent.
Hey ho let's go!

I will be using :
- Sleek Sunset Palette
- Sleek Coral Blusher
- Nyx Eyeshadow base in White
- A fluffy eyeshadow brush
- An eyeshadow brush
- A pencil brush
- A smudging brush

- Apply the eyeshadow base on both eyelids.

- Apply a copper colour on the eyelid in a semi circle shape.

- Using the fluffy brush, blend it side to side till there's no harsh line visible.

- Using your finger tip, apply a lil light gold on your double eyelid. This is the key trick to making your eyes look fresh and bigger than usual.

- Using the fluffy brush, add a lil Coral on the outer corner of the eye. You can use any matt reddish brown for this. This is to create a subtle depth above your double eyelid.

- Using the eyeshadow brush, apply some copper colour to the lower eyelid.

- As you can see in Picture 6, that's how your eye should look like.

- Still unsatisfied, i used the smudging brush and matt black eyeshadow to line above my double eyelid. That is to create a stark contrast to the gold. More dramatic, i like.

- Using the pencil brush, i blend the black upwards but still allow the Coral to show itself above the black just like Picture 9.

- Mascara, highlight the brow bone with an off white colour and you're done!

It may take a while to get it perfect. You can start off using lighter neutral colours. That will be easier to handle. Same technique can be used with most colours.

For the brushes, use whatever similar brushes that you have. Just practice a few times and you'll get there.

Buying new make up products do not make you an expert overnight :)

12 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Conceal Under Eyes Discolouration ( Medium Coverage )

Today, i don't feel like wearing much foundation. Usually if i do a face mask the night before, i will try not to apply too much foundation the next day. My skin feels clean and this paranoid brain tells me not to overdo the foundation.
Therefore, what i'll just use is a medium/ full coverage foundation as a concealor.

Before getting my Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit, i was using my fingertips. I will always dab my foundation around the eye area. I have tiny wrinkles forming, i do not need to tug and create more :s

This kit is AMAZING. I adore small and tiny brushes. They are the best for details. I already have more than enough for eye make up. These small synthetic brushes for concealors/foundations appeal most to me than any of the Sigma range.
I always try to get the best softest synthetic brushes for any cream products application. I personally find it yucky to use natural bristles with creamy/liquid products. It is just extra work when washing the brushes because natural bristles will absorb the cream/liquid products.
This kit is pretty much a dream come true. Replacing my fingertips with brushes? By all means, HELL YES to that.

I will be using :
- Sigma Synthetic Precision brush in P82
- MAC Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation No.215

- First, moisturise your skin. That'll help any product you'll be using to glide smoothly. You can also use a primer after that. I'm not using any today.

- Using P82, i dab it with a lil of my foundation and started on the outer corner and working inwards.
Why? So there will less excess product on the inner conner of the eye.
Excess product = Flakes.

- Move upwards, next to your nosebridge and all the way up to your eyelid and brow bone.

- For full coverage, you can let the foundation dry and reapply another layer.

- Use MAC 187 and buff the foundation, away from the eye area. That will spread the product and blend it into your skin.
If you'd like full coverage, apply your foundation with the MAC 187 all over your cheeks, forehead etc.

-Powder and apply everything else.
Done! :)

Easy peasy when you have the right materials and a good night sleep.

10 Sep 2012

MOTD ( Earthy eyes and Red lips )

My make up of the day today involved my beautiful Illamasqua products.

I adore Illamasqua.
The branding, the style, the packaging, the smell, the service and the fact that i was a winner in their I-Conic eye make up competition a few months back. Grins*

So much to love and till date, i have been using the Rich Liquid foundation on clients with normal/oily skin. ( Unfortunately, on dry skin it will cake real bad. )

For today, i used
- Illamasqua Red Lipstick in Tramp applied with lip brush
- Rich Liquid foundation applied with damp sponge after moisturising.
- Eyeshadows using mainly Illamasqua Neutral palette, smoked out using a fluffy blending brush eg. MAC 224 and defines using a small eyeshadow brush above my barely there double eyelid.
- Blusher in Coral from Sleek
- Mascara from Bourjois

That's about it for today :)

8 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Pastel Hair Dyes / Bleach

To get that pastel colour is actually REAL easy. The bleaching part is tricky but once you get it, it's a breeze. Do not expect to get it right once. It took me 7 years of self experimental experience to get it right :)

- Do not wash your hair maybe a day or two prior to bleaching to reduce damage.
- Do not apply direct heat to hair. If you need to, wear a shower cap to contain your own bodyheat to develop the bleach better.
- Do not leave it on for more than 45mins. That's suicidal.
- Invest in a good conditioner or even hair oil to treat your hair.
- No curlers or straightening iron for some time.
- For platinum hair, you need to bleach to yellow/whitish blonde and use a White Toner to neutralise the yellow tones.

You'll need :
- 1 lolaine bleach powder
- 1 lolaine developer in 9% or 12%
- creamy hair conditioner
- 1 La Riche Directions colour of your choice, i used Violet.
- Gloves, comb etc

Mix the bleach powder at the ratio of 1:1.
I part my hair and apply bleach on each section gradually. Leave it on for 30mins, rinse and conditioned.
You might not achieve this overnight if you have virgin hair.
If it is still goldish or medium blonde, let your hair rest a week or two and reattempt. Patience :)

For the pastel colour, i simply wore my gloves, take a lil of my dye on my palm, pour a lot of conditioner to dilute the colour. However pastel you see it, is however its going to look on your hair. Massage into hair, leave on for twenty minutes and rinse.
Done :)

For Singapore preorders of La Riche Directions, just inbox me on my facebook - www.facebook.com/watimanson

7 Sep 2012


Made some new stuffs.
Voodoo Cuffs - Ombre Glitter Skull Clips - Moth Bows with Sugarskulls.

Soon for sale via my facebook - www.facebook.com/watimanson :)

6 Sep 2012

MOTD ( Glowy Cheeks and Pink Lips )

For this MOTD, i was going for a very clean, fresh look. The kind of look which appears to be like you had a great night sleep the previous night, hahaha. No smoky shadows or colors of any sort.

I used the two recent purchases of Make Up Store Hightechlighter in Venus and Microshadow in Vanilla plus OCC Liptars, a mix of Feather and Pretty Boy.

The Hightechlighter was applied on the apple of the cheeks and a tiny bit on the tip of the nose. I did add a bit of blusher to warm my cheeks a lil more. Venus is too light to act as a bronzer so i have a reason to get another one soon. Heh.

I primed my lids with my usual Covermark concealor and applied Vanilla all over the lid. Added a lil bit of Urban Decay Buff from Naked 1 palette yet again to warm up the lids a lil. I also added in some dramatic cat flick eyeliner.

I mixed a dot of Feather and Pretty Boy and applied them with a brush and that's it. To further enhance the look, i used biggggg lashes from Red Cherry.
Finito :)

I like the Hightechlighter a whole lot. It surprisingly do not feel greasy on my normal skin. Want more :D

5 Sep 2012

Liptar experimentation.

I was looking at my liptars and my Sleek Curacao palette blankly. Decided to play with them a lil.

The eyebrows were done using a lipbrush, liptar and gently pressing the corresponding eyeshadow with a small brush to set it. I am unsure of its staying power but it works fine for a couple of pictures.

I used :
- Sleek Curacao palette
- Liptars ( from top to bottom) in Hoochie, Pretty Boy, RX and Feather.
- Nyx eyeshadow base in White

That's about it. Just something fun.

4 Sep 2012

SWATCHES : Make Up Store Venus & Vanilla

I popped by MakeUp Store today. I've only only owned two pigments from them years back and i don't really know why the brand doesn't intrigue me. They have their shops in prominent malls here and been here as long as i remember. Very nice cosy environment with extra attentive sales people. If you're not comfortable with a salesperson shadowing you, please head there with a friend.

I was curious about the lipsticks but didn't like the fact that there's no matte range, as told by the salesperson.
I was browsing around and spotted the pretty, shimmery, golden, bronzey and pinkish corals at the bottom shelf. There was the range of cream foundation and high tech lighter.

They reminded me of my Illamasqua Illuminator and MAC msf which i adore very very much.
I love glowy faces be it on myself or on my clients. There is simply no personality to a matte face unless if it's well contoured.

Tried a few and settled for one, Venus. It is a coral with gold sheen. It smells like honey and texture is creamy, easy to apply with fingertips and leave a lil waxy aftermath. First three ingredients are petroleum, lanolin and beeswax. This might clog your pores so a thorough removal is advised. The colour pretty much will suit most skin tones. I can't wait to put it on later <3

The second item i picked up was the Microshadow in Vanilla. A very rich matte off-white eyeshadow. It felt so velvety. For an eyeshadow pan, it is big. 4cm diameter and 3.5gram product for only SING$27.00. How awesome.

The third item is that cuteeeee tiny egg sponge. I am not exactly a sponge person but i'll try it out. Can't really comment on it yet.

I can't wait to pair up my Venus with bright pink lips, that Vanilla eyeshadow, cat flick liner and bigggg lashes. Post it up later!

3 Sep 2012

HOW TO : Minor Cut for Halloween

For the past five years, i've been working during Halloween. Be it from my past job with Supperclub Singapore or doing freelance make up for event companies including Universal Studios Singapore itself for 2011.
Each time, i learn completely new things, be it right or wrong. It is great because i understand my products so much better, grow up seeing the effects and consequences first hand.

Two months back, i attended a SFX workshop by David Willis, international and Hollywood sfx/beauty make up artist and speaker for 2011 Sydney IMATS. It was awesome to learn so much about professional production makeup. There are fine details and researches to be done before each look. Not simply, applying fake blood and bruises everywhere. Serious business.

Here's the conclusion. When it comes to special effects make up, i learnt that the purpose plays a HUGE part.
For example, if it is for stage, old age makeup will mainly rely on facepaints for highlights and shadows. For productions, we use makeup plus having to change the texture of the skin due to the introduction of HI-DEF technology. Once we know the purpose, our product knowledge come into the picture and so on so forth.

The picture on the right is a production i did for Sentosa Development Board corporate video a few months back. Notice how there is no dramatization, it have to look subtle and believable. Of course, the first picture is a real cute sweet lil 8year old boy, no makeup,

Okay enough of my rambling. What ii'll be showing you how to do is for PARTIES. If it is only you alone or a few friends, save that makeup artist fee to get wasted :)

On Halloween, you have the license to look bad. Be experimental!

You will need
- Fake blood
- Sfx Wax
- Spatula ( or toothpick or small scissors )
- Sponge
- Fluffy medium brush
- Foundation
- Loose powder
- Matt dark blue and purple eyeshadow

Choose a part of your body which will have least contact. Forehead and chest are good.

Mould the wax onto the skin with fingertips, keeping the edges as flat as possible.

Do a cut with your spatula and create a crevice.

Stipple foundation around the wound with very light pressure.

Gently pick up some loose
powder with the brush and dap it on the wound. Make sure it looks like skin colour.

Apply fake blood in the crevice. Darker dry blood will be more "realistic".

Stipple lightly blue/purple blotches around the wound to create bruises.

Drip some liquid fake blood down from the crevices.
Done :)

Always remember that fake blood, no matter what brand, stain. Use babyoil to remove the wax followed by makeup remover and wash. Have fun! Tag me on facebook or instagram if you tried it :)