4 Mar 2015

WORK / BTS : Bridal and Evening Dresses Shoot at Tanjong Pagar

I am desperately trying to catch up on my work behind-the-scenes entries before more assignments pile up this weekend. There are about 6 various entries i need to do, including an Inglot product review!

Let me start with a belated entry of a shoot we did last year at Tanjong Pagar Railway. We were going for an elegant flowy evening/bridal dresses against a grungey, dirty background. I personally loveeee the location. It used to be a working train station to Malaysia in the 60s to early 90s. I was too young to get the chance to experience it though.

Here is the makeup for Elisa, unedited. Strong eyes, some contouring and nude lips. Hairstyling by Francisco.

And here are the final photos, taken by Adelyne. I really like the contrasting textures and simple, non-cluttered with accessories look. I really love this first photo. The highlight on her features is amazingggg.

That is it for this shoot. Alright, moving on to the next entry!

WORK / BTS : Grand Hyatt, Living Grand Themed Dinner Event

As always, a belated entry for a very cool assignment last month!

We just finish a very interesting assignment on Wednesday with Bell Epoque Music Limited (the professional performers for the evening) for big client, Grand Hyatt Singapore. 
They were doing a Chinese New Year concept dinner which looked SUPERRR magical. 

I was involved in the makeup coordination and execution with my wonderful team Dee Dee and Rin. We only had 2 hours for 9 talents full on makeup. 

What a great evening and you can look for #LivingGrand on Instagram to see what it was about.

We even got a good review from the Grand Hyatt Singapore official instagram, hehe.

3 Feb 2015

MOTD : Pale Lips and Desio Beauty Lenses

I purchased these lenses from www.desiolens.com during their Christmas promotion. It is always hard to find light coloured lenses that will look light enough on dark brown eyes.

After following their instagram for ages, i decided to just purchase it. It is 33euros per pair with free worldwide shipping. I got myself 2 pairs of Innocent White which is shown in the look i did below.

I did this look with eyeshadows from Too Faced and Stila. The lipstick is definitely Nyx Butter lipstick which i wrote about a couple of posts back.

I am still in the midst of blogging and writing about all the pictures i have in my phone! For best updates, it is better to follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

IG : wati.manson

WORK / BTS : Bridal Theme Shoot in Blissful Brides Jan 2015 Magazine

Hey all, i would like to share with you these images of my work in Blissful Brides! Remember a few post back, i mentioned about a publication of my work. Here it is!

Mainly it is for an ad or studio feature in the magazine. A full page of my makeup work on pretty Sofia and hairstyling by Sharon Siu. All wonder pictures are taken by Elena from www.solostepstudio.com. You can rent the gowns and accessories too. Just drop her an email for quotes and special photography packages.

This is a another one of my work, on beautiful Kate. So niceeeeeee.

2 Feb 2015

WORK / BTS : Christmas Show 2014 at Changi Airport

Hey all! I am horribly backlogged for all my "WORK / BTS" entries and "SWATCHES" entries!! I had been busy busy busy with work and all my extra activities. I had picked up working out classes, jogging, volunteer work, my pets and a whole lot of other tasks to make the world a better place such as being a hibernating sloth in December. 

Anywho, i shall start with an entry which was from Christmas 2014 show with my fun friends Ishtar Bee events company.
Yearly, we have Christmas dance shows with fairies and elves. This time round it was held at Changi Airport for about 6 days within 2 weeks. 

Meet SugarPlum fairy played by Fannie. 
I did a gradient with glitters look for her.

We also have Drummer Boy, Nutcracker and Elvessss

And many more fun group photos throughout the days at Changi Airport.

16 Dec 2014

SWATCHES : Topshop Lip Bullet/Varnish and Velvet Lips

Hey all! I had been tied up with assignments and that explained the lack of posts. I have quite a few pending behind-the-scenes/work entries to do. I shall hope to blog them before the weekends.

On the 13th and 14th December, Topshop was having a 30% storewide sale. I decided to check their makeup range out.
I already had a lip pencil thing from them ages ago which i loved. A great friend, Tasha, rekindled my love for Topshop lip products when she showed me her stash. I had to grab a few items!

I bought 5 various lip colours. Lip Bullet, Matte Lip Bullet, Lip Varnish and Velvet Lips. All of their lip products are pigmented. I do not like glosses but that purple Lip Varnish is calling out to me!

Wine Gum Lip Bullet : Burgundy with a sheen, very pigmented and easy to apply

Motel Lip Bullet : Dark nude colour, smooth and pigmented as Wine Gum

Get Me Bodied Matte Lip Bullet : Matte finish, purplish red colour. Pigmented and not drying like most matte lipsticks

Blood Orange Velvet Lip : Very matte finish and pigmented liquid lipstick. Hard to remove and advisable to apply balm before wearing

High Times Lip Varnish : A beautiful creamy liquid lipstick with a glossy finish. Highly pigmented and the texture reminded me of Too Face Melted lipstick range

They range from $19.90 to $23.90 and are available at Topshop Knightsbridge and Ion. Very beautiful underrated lip products so please get them! 

26 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : NYX Butter Lipsticks Trio in Bombshell

At times, i like to pop by Sephora for a lipstick treat on dieting days. It makes me feel just as good as eating a chocolate mousse cake.

Recently, i pop by Sephora to check on the Christmas collections. There were so many nice and cute makeup gifts from $10 onwards.
I was also craving for lipsticks. Soooo i pick this up. I had been curious about the texture of these babies.

Very creamy and pigmented. Nyx always make nice reasonably priced makeup. I love it. They are $20 or a lil more than that.

I had been wearing the red one underneath my matte lipsticks to keep off the dryness. Works well! Get it before they are all gone.

25 Nov 2014

SWATCHES : The Balm Cosmetics 'How Bout Them Apples'

This is definitely the cutest palette in my kit. I had been eyeing The Balm Cosmetics products. Their packaging are real cute and products are decently made.

The only turn off is how high Sasa marked up the prices. Sasa (an asian makeup shop in Singapore and a few other branches elswhere) is the only shop which sells The Balm products.

Guess what, now The Balm can be found on www.asos.com! Free shipping and sometimes coupon codes work too for the beauty items. Yay! I had to get my paws on it.

Cream blushers are generally more lasting especially if you are out for long hours. I do like cream blushes when i want a girly "flushed" cheeks look. Just dab with your fingertip and pat on the cheeks. Set with translucent powder if you want a matte look. Else it will have a dewy finish.

It comes in a cute book-like with a mirror and a palette of six colours. They can function as lips or cheeks colours.

Crisp is the only colour with some shimmer in it. Veryyyyy pretty!

Great pigmentations which you can blend out and build up.

I am really happy with this palette. For a change, it is real nice to get a blush palette rather than the usual eyeshadow palettes. My lucky bride this weekend will be the first client to use this baby 😆